At Canisius College, you have many options for learning outside of traditional classes:

  1. Online: fully online through our learning management system
  2. Hybrid: 50% online and 50% campus-based
  3. Blended: A campus based course that uses online components

This site was developed to help you get ready with learning online. Online learning can take place in many capacities. Instructors may choose to teach a hybrid, blended, or fully online course. No matter which type of class your instructors choose to teach, this site is sure to help you get started with online learning.

It is important that you are not only prepared to learn in our learning management system, but also possess the pre-requisite skills for learning online. Time-management skills, good written communication skills, and computer and technology skills are all necessary when learning online. Online courses allow for flexibility, but they are just as rigorous as a face-to-face course. Online courses may have synchronous components that you will have to fit into your schedule and deadlines that you do have to meet. Canisius College online courses are not self-paced, but reflect our commitment to quality and value by being actively facilitated by your instructor.

Let’s get started!

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